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Premium Web Hosting from achemahost.com

achemahost.com offers enterprise-grade web hosting and domain registration services and a ninety-nine point nine percent server uptime guarantee. Our web hosting plans come with the easy-to-work-with Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comprises free tools and bonuses.


from $36.00 a month

Get the free Hepsia hosting Control Panel and a choice of OSs with any of our OpenVZ-driven Virtual Private Servers.


from $70.00 a month

With our VPS servers, you get full root/SSH access.

Semi-Dedicated Servers

from $20.00 a month

Obtain more system resources than those offered by your shared hosting plan with our semi-dedicated web servers, which cost much less than a dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

from $65.00 a month

With a dedicated hosting server, you can forget about all the restrictions pertaining to the shared hosting solution.

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