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Semi-dedicated Web Hosting

Semi Pro Semi Expert
This semi-dedicated server is a suitable web hosting platform for your power-hungry websites.
If dedicated hosting servers are too expensive for you, this semi-dedicated server will do the trick.
Unlimited storage Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted Unlimited websites hosted
24/7/365 support 24/7/365 support
Free Trial
Free Trial
$20.00 / month $30.00 / month
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An Easy-to-Use Web Hosting Control Panel

Our web hosting Control Panel is very fast, amazingly responsive and extremely easy-to-work-with. You will exert total control over your web site(s) and domain name(s). View Demo

A Web Apps Installation Tool

With achemahost.com you can easily install over 40 widely used web applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many others, thanks to the Web Apps. You don't need to download anything, and everything is installed with only a single click of the mouse. View Demo

Charge-Free Web Site Templates

The themes we offer with each web hosting package are available for free and can save a lot of money on website design services. All the 300+ web design themes can be installed with just a few clicks.

A 24x7 Tech Support Service

At achemahost.com you can find 24/7/365 tech support with a one-hour response time warranty. No more having to wait for hours on end for a support team representative to reply.

A Site Installer

Using the Site Builder Installer we at achemahost.com provide, you will no longer have to possess any programming skills. Everything is entirely automated and you can set up a fully operational Internet site in just a couple of minutes. View Demo

A Clustered Web Hosting Platform

With achemahost.com you web site(s) can take advantage of an authentic cloud hosting platform - it ensures that your site will experience minimal downtime irrespective of what happens.

Semi Pro Semi Expert
1-hour Account Activation Your semi-dedicated plan will be activated for you within 1 hour after signup. This is the maximum time period necessary for the proper configuration of your own Semi-dedicated Server.
yes yes
24/7 Customer Support We provide your customers with general and pre-sale support via live chat, email and phone and with 24/7 technical assistance via email and ticketing system.
yes yes
1 Hour Response Time We guarantee that all your requests, no matter whether they are sales or support related, will be responded to within 1 hour.
yes yes
99.9 % Service Uptime Guarantee With our services your semi-dedicated server will be guaranteed 99.9% of uptime and stability.
yes yes
30-Day Free Trial Sign up for our 30-day free trial to see what makes our hosting services special. No credit card required.
yes yes
Monthly Price
$20.00/mo $30.00/mo
Data Storage Disk space is the amount of storage you receive when signing up for a web hosting account with us. It can be used for uploading any type of files – text documents, HTML documents, images, etc.
Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Monthly Traffic is the term used to describe the amount of data transferred and the number of visits made to a web site for a given period.
Unlimited Unlimited
CPU Core(s) This is the maximum processing time that a semi-dedicated server account can utilize of the CPU of the whole server.
1 2
MySQL queries/h This is the maximum number of MySQL queries that can be made through a semi-dedicated server account per hour.
90000 130000
Domain Name Registration / Transfer Domain name registration is the process of obtaining a unique name for your website on the Internet. A newly registered domain is automatically tied to name servers, representing the IP address to which it should point.
Domain name transfer refers to a change of the domain registrar, while the domain owner stays the same. The process is also associated with a change of the domain name records to the new registrar`s.
$12.00 $12.00
No Set-up Fees Our semi-dedicated packages do not include any set-up fees. You will be only required to cover the monthly service fee for the selected semi-dedicated server plan.
yes yes
FREE Domain Name If you purchase one of our packages, there is a bonus - one free domain name registration or transfer from the list of promotional domains.
no no
Online Website Builder With all of our shared hosting packages you will get a free online website builder that does not require any design skills or experience since it includes multiple templates and makes website creation a breeze.
yes yes
50+ Free Apps Installer Our 1-click Application Installer is included with all our shared hosting packages and it gives you access to install over 50+ applications - you can have a blog, a forum or a shopping cart set up within minutes with just a few clicks and no technical skills.
yes yes
Free VPN Access Access blocked websites or use country-restricted services by routing your Internet traffic through a secure connection using multiple access points around the world.
50 GB 50 GB
Marketing Tools If you need help to get your website more popular, the easy-to-use marketing tools that are included with each package come to the rescue. You can submit your website to search engines as well as publish news and stories.
yes yes
Administration Tools All the packages are provided with Hotlink protection, IP blocking, .htaccess generator and other tools which make advanced administration easy.
yes yes
Video Tutorials Over 40 clips are available through different sections of the web hosting control panel so that you can start finding your way with ease.